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You can choose the form of payment of your insurance premium

Сompulsory Motor Insurance payments

You can pay for Сompulsory Motor Insurance policies here.

Pay Сompulsory Motor Insurance payments

With registration

The advantages of online payment with registration: you create your own account, where all your payment history will be stored – you can trace all your payments. You can order any insurance policy from your account.

Pay With registration

Without registration

Advantages of online payments: convenient and clear payment mechanisms, a secure system, and instantaneous payment.

Pay Without registration

Payment with cash in our offices

You can pay for your policy in our company’s nearest offices to you.


Call our employee

If your time is limited and you cannot pay online, call our representative (Tel.: 183, 012\50\55\70 598 00 66) and they will come to a place and at a time that is convenient for you.

Make a payment:


"Now you have the option to make your next payment on the insurance policy without going to the office of the insurance company or your bank.
You can pay using bank cards of any main payment system.
(Visa Inc, MasterCard Inc)"


To pay online, you need to know:

  • Insurance policy number
  • Surname Forename Patronymic of the insured
  • Bank card data

Upon receiving your payment, you will receive insurance policy payment confirmation letter by email.