Open Joint-Stock Company (OAО) Xalg Sigorta (Халг Сыгорта) has successfully operated as a universal insurance company in the insurance market since 2005. The internal policy of the Company allows us to maintain a high position in the insurance market, increasing the number of policyholders. According to Licence No.000333, issued by the Ministry of Finance АР, the Company successfully offers over 20 types of optional and 3 types of mandatory insurance. OAО Xalg Sigorta is one of the largest insurance market players in Azerbaijan; the paid statutory capital of the Company is 58 750 500 manat.

The branched affiliated network allows the Company to ensure insurance protection of property interests of their customers within the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Meticulous fulfilment of our obligations with partners and customers has granted to us a spotless reputation in the insurance market in Azerbaijan and abroad. This is evidenced by a trustful and long-term cooperation with local and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies.


We guarantee you:

  • High-quality service aimed at satisfying customers' needs;
  • Selection of the optimum insurance offer without forced options and unjustified excess payments;
  • Legal consultations and cooperation in relation to settlement of potential insured events during the entire term of insurance;
  • We will always remind you of the current payment and termination of the current insurance policy.

The insurance company Xalg Sigorta aims to make its business as open and convenient for customers as possible at any time when the customer applies to us — to acquire information, to buy a service, to notify about an insured event. This allows customers to concentrate on their business, taking into account their own benefits and development rather than potential risks.


Structure of "Xalq Sigorta" OJSC