Auditors' professional liability insurance

Auditors' professional liability insurance — a specific type of insurance against any loss suffered by a person as a result of professional fault of an auditor while carrying out their professional duties. The subject of the insurance is the risk of occurrence of auditor's fault, which will result in a loss to the customer.

Civil liability insurance towards third parties

One of the numerous services offered by Xalg Sygorta to legal persons is "Civil liability insurance towards third parties" providing for coverage of the loss to third parties from the part of insurer.

Employer liability insurance

If you are an employer, you must provide a safe working environment. You are liable for industrial accidents and occupational illnesses of your employees. The damage may be hazardous for the economic stability of your company.

Insurance of liability of owner of a vessel

This is specific branch of insurance, established to protect owners, managers, operators of vessels against claims from third parties.