Mandatory Property Insurance

Mandatory Property Insurance is one of many insurance services of Xalq Sıgorta aimed at protecting the social and ownership interests of individuals.

Fire and Other Risks Insurance

Property insurance ensures protection of interests of any property owners (individuals, companies, the state) from risks of its loss or damage.

Cargo Insurance

We offer a reliable insurance protection of cargo shipped using different means of transport. This type of insurance anticipates compensation of damages resulting from transportation of cargo using land, water, air or railway transport.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Insurable interests related to the ownership and use of electronic objects is the object of insurance of electronic equipment and hardware.

Valuables Transportation Insurance

Valuables Transportation Insurance guarantees insurance protection from harm and damage, which can occur as a result of unexpected circumstances during transportation of valuables.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Xalq Sıgorta offers a reliable insurance protection from machinery breakdown, which includes compensation of financial costs of the damage inflicted upon different types of equipment and machinery after its trial period due to unexpected events.

Financial Risks Insurance

Xalq Sıgorta offers different types of insurance of financial risks related to business, including insurance of trade (commercial) credits – the most requested type of insurance among Azerbaijanian companies.