Mandatory property insurance

The main goal of the "Mandatory property insurance" is to protect the interests of the population, as well as those of the insurer by the timely disbursement of insurance indemnity for damage to their health or property, to ensure the social protection of the population.

Property insurance against fire and other additional risks

Cargo insurance

We offer secure protection of cargo dispatched by various types of transport. This type of insurance provides for indemnification of loss that may occur during the transportation of cargo by vehicles, vessels, air crafts or railway transport.

Insurance of construction and assembly works

Halg Sigorta offers risk insurance at all stages of operation of construction and assembly organisations from the moment of unloading materials at a building site to the end of the period after guarantee obligations.

Insurance of electronic equipment

This is one of the types of property insurance. The subject of insurance of electronic equipment and hardware is the property interest in relation to the ownership and use of electronic items.

Insurance of financial risks

Xalg Sigorta offers various types of insurance of financial risks related to business, including insurance of commercial credits - the type of insurance which has the highest demand amongst Аzerbaijan companies.

Insurance of treasure transportation

It is the insurance of treasures during transportation and short-term storage during transportation.

Insurance against production stoppage

Insurance against production stoppage is one of the forms of insurance of financial risks, which, according to legislation, refers to business risk insurance.

Insurance against breakage of machinery

"Xalq Sığorta" offers secure insurance protection from breakage of equipment, which includes indemnification for material expenses for damage to equipment and hardware of various types after a trial period due to force majeure circumstances (industrial accidents, defective materials, short circuit, changes in water level, staff error, sabotage, etc...), as well as expenses for repair and replacement of the damaged equipment.

Insurance of survey and extraction works in oil and gas fields

The oil and gas industry – one of the most significant and broad sectors that includes an immense amount of directions, which means numerous industrial objects, functional nodes and technological processes.