Mandatory civil liability insurance of the owner of the vehicle

This type of insurance aimed at social protection of natural persons and legal entities, at the same time, insures owners of vehicles against the risk of broad population mass.

Insurance of vehicles (Kasko)

Halg Sigorta offers legal persons voluntary insurance of vehicles (Kasko). A certificate of this insurance covers any damage caused by traffic accident, fire, intentional actions by third parties and other unexpected risks.

Insurance of aircrafts

This is one of the types of aviation insurance, which includes insurance of various types of liability of aircraft operators, airport and hangar owners (operators), manufacturers of aircrafts, and aviation and industrial products and products in areas related to aviation.

Insurance of vessels (Kasko)

It is a type of marine insurance ensuring insurance protection for owners of vessels and other persons related to the operation of vessels in case of damage or loss of vessels owned by them or otherwise related to them legally. Insurance of marine transport will allow avoiding of unnecessary trouble both in the sea and ashore.

Insurance of railway transport

The insurance of railway transport is a guarantee for the indemnification of loss and further successful company operations.

Insurance of equipment and machinery of a subcontractor

What would you do, if equipment is damaged as the result of force majeure events and requires repair or replacement? A certificate of insurance of machinery equipment against breakage, offered by "Xalq Sığorta", will help covering such expenses.