Mandatory Insurance of Motor Third Party Liability MTPL

This type of insurance, which aims to provide social protection to individual and legal persons, also insures car owners against the risk of great population masses.

Motor Personal Damage Insurance (CASCO)

Xalq Sıgorta offers individuals a voluntary motor personal damage insurance (CASCO). This policy covers damages inflicted as a result of traffic accidents, fire, deliberate actions of third parties and other unexpected risks.

Marine Hull Insurance (CASCO)

This is a type of marine insurance securing protection through the insurance of ship owners and other persons involved in the use of ships, if the ships they own or the ships that are legally related to them get damaged. Marine Hull Insurance will help ship owners to avoid unnecessary worries in the sea and on land.

Contractors’ Plant and Machinery Insurance

What do you do, if your equipment gets damaged as a result of unexpected events and requires repairs or replacement? A machinery breakdown policy from Xalq Sıgorta will help you to cover such costs.