Medical Insurance

This form of social protection of interests of the population in the area of health protection considers a guarantee that, if an insured event occurs, medical assistance will be paid using the funds accumulated by the insurer.

Medical Insurance allows the guarantee that individual will be provided a certain scope of medical services free of charge, if an insured event (loss of health) occurs, if there is an agreement with a medical insurance organisation. The latter should cover the costs of the event of the provision of medical assistance (the risk) since the payment of the first contribution by an individual to the fund concerned.

A Voluntary Medical Insurance Policy purchased from our company has a reasonable price and high-quality medical assistance through the country’s leading medical institutions.

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Our specialists will prepare an individual insurance programme, taking into account your budget, tasks and business specifics. Contact us by telephone on 183 or send a message stating your contact data and the type of insurance your company needs and our specialists will contact you.