Insurance of survey and extraction works in oil and gas fields

The oil and gas industry – one of the most significant and broad sectors that includes an immense amount of directions, which means numerous industrial objects, functional nodes and technological processes.

Our company offers our customers the development of a new individual programme of insurance of companies in the fuel and energy sectors with extensive coverage of potential risks: Our insurance coverage is based on the "Insurance terms relating to acquisition and development in the power sector" EED 8/86 by Loyds' syndicate, approved in global practice. We guarantee that insurance coverage offered by Halg Sigorta is reinsured by the leading and the most reliable reinsurance companies in the world.
Our experts will develop a specific insurance programme, taking into account your budget, aims and business specifics. Please, contact us by calling to 183, or send a message with your contact details and type of insurance required for your company, and our experts will contact you.