Insurance of liability of owner of a vessel

This is specific branch of insurance, established to protect owners, managers, operators of vessels against claims from third parties. As they bear risks of liability during transportation for possible damage to life and health of the crew and third parties, property owned by third parties (including cargo to be transported), as well as liability risks for harm to the environment. Nowadays, considering the intensity of commercial shipping, complicity and the increase in the size of vessels and potential damage, which may be caused to the environment, this product is comparatively significant for vessel owners in Azerbaijan.

The product offered by Xalq Sığorta is designed for all owners of vessels depending on their specifics. Mainly for marine vessels carrying dry cargo (of various types) with size limitations, fishing vessels, specific vessels, auxiliary vessels, river vessels (dry and liquid cargo), etc... Choosing one or another approach for the owner of the vessel is always individual, and depends on numerous factors.

We offer insurance coverage both in line with mandatory requirements of legislation (according to KTM or International conventions) and full P&I coverage on "non-mandatory" grounds. We service claims 24/7, based on a global network of experienced correspondents and marine experts. We ensure grants from Lloyd’s or London Salvage Association to prevent arresting vessels according to marine requirements, or releasing vessels from such arrests.
Our experts will develop a specific insurance programme, taking into account your budget, aims and business specifics. Please, contact us by calling 183, or send a message with your contact details and type of insurance required for your company, and our experts will contact you.